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<ItBurn> when I'm drunk the other stuff dosent matter :P
<ItBurn> I could be mining coal and it would be fun :P
* Moraelyn ignores the dirty reference
<ItBurn> mmm
* NaHaliel is contemplating not ignoring it
* Belzebub forces NaHaliel to ignore it
<NaHaliel> so... mining coal, eh?..  I don't mind if you swing that way, I guess.
<ItBurn> I was saying minig coal as in THE ROCK THING
<NaHaliel> it's ok burn, we still accept you for who you are
<NaHaliel> :D
<ItBurn> in a mine, with shafts and helmets
<Belzebub> Sure Burn...we all believe you.
<NaHaliel> shafts, yeah.
<ItBurn> ack
<Belzebub> Isn&#1169;t that kinda advanced S&M?
<ItBurn> lol :P
<Moraelyn> Helmet Burn?
* ItBurn shuts up
<NaHaliel> you know, morey.  the helmets you put on your shaft when you mine for coal?
<Moraelyn> Um, we need to move on...

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