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<Abstruse> Bush: Iraq, you'd better get rid of your nuclear weapons or we'll bomb you!  Iraq: We don't have any nuclear weapons.  N Korea: We do.  Bush: Well then get rid of your chemical weapons!  Iraq: We don't have those either!  N Korea: Ummm...we have nukes now.  Bush: We KNOW you've got chemical and nuclear weapons!  Get rid of them!  Iraq: Even if we did, which we don't, we can't even hit the USA!  N Korea: We can nuke California all we want.
<Abstruse> Bush: Shuddup North Korea, no one cares!  Iraq, you'd BETTER disarm!  Iraq: But we don't HAVE anything!  N Korea: Oh fuck it, blow up Los Angelas...  Bush: Iraq, I'm warning you...  *BOOM*
<doppelganger> bush: "we are sick and tired of your missiles hitting us, iraq...but we cant understand why they are flying in from the pacific ocean!"  north korea: "he CAN'T be that stupid."  saddam: apparently he is.  i myself havent even made any missile that goes beyond walking distance."

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