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<[Faer|eggs]> oh yeah, Easter
<[Faer|eggs]> which means I will have baskets of chocolate to go with my bucket of candy and can of DIET soda
<LoneSamurai> hahaha
<Tremens> well
<Tremens> you have to watch to make sure you dont get fat
<Tremens> hence the diet soda
<[Faer|eggs]> This reminds me of a related, true, and funny story
<LoneSamurai> uh oh, everyone run, here comes a Faer story
<Akuma> be less bitter lone
<Akuma> faer stories are really good
<LoneSamurai> hahaha
<LoneSamurai> if your 13
<[Faer|eggs]> When I worked at BK there was this woman who would regularly come to my DRIVE-THRU window and order a Whopper, an Angus Steak Burger, Double Bacon Cheeseburger value meal, large Chocolate shake, large onion rings, lots of sauce, and a DIET coke
<[Faer|eggs]> Each and every time, when I would hand her the order, she'd make a fuss "Are you sure this is DIET?"
<[Faer|eggs]> So after about a month of this I finally got fed up with the whole thing
<[Faer|eggs]> And when she came for her daily visit, and threw the daily fuss, I said:
<Tremens> (this is where faer gers fired)
<[Faer|eggs]> "No ma'am, I'm terribly sorry, we're out of DIET coke today. Instead I filled your cup with water, some bacon grease, and a bit of leftover breakfast gunk from the cinnamon rolls. I know it sounds strange now, but trust me, when you drink it, it'll taste just the same as the DIET coke does after you inhale all that fat and grease you order from me every day."
<[Faer|eggs]> So she asked if she could see my manager
<Akuma> ROFL
<[Faer|eggs]> Of course, I smiled, and walked away to get my manager
<[Faer|eggs]> Manager spoke to her a few moments, there were some harsh hand symbols, and eventually the woman drove off
<[Faer|eggs]> My manager came back to me with the most PISSED OFF look on her face
<[Faer|eggs]> And said "That woman has been coming here for the past two years. She's been our most loyal customer at this shop, and you just drove her away forever."
<[Faer|eggs]> The next day, I got a raise.
<Tremens> haha
<[Faer|eggs]> And that, my friends, is the end of my tale.

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