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<kyhm> Let's just say "arting" doesn't make a good verb... ^_^
* Superkuh is still laughing.
<Ezelek> How about stabbing?
<kyhm> stabbing makes a great verb...
<Kestenvarn> How about stabbed as an adjective?
<kyhm> As in, "I'm feeling stabbed today?"  Doesn't do it for me...
<Kestenvarn> I'm rather stabbed you would say such a shocking thing.
<kyhm> Stab it all, why doesn't this stabbed thing work?
<Kestenvarn> I'm stabbed. Why?
<kyhm> Stab me... ^_^
<Kestenvarn> Well, go stab yourself!
<Ezelek> Note to self: Don't let any of them near words. Of any kind.

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