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AdamGoods> A seagull just took my sandwich!
AdamGoods> brb!!!!
AdamGoods> Ok, we're good now. I traded it some tylenol for my sandwich back.
AdamGoods> Wait, this isn't mayo!!!
AdamGoods> Nobody say anything.
AdamGoods> I'm a one man show.
AdamGoods> I'm a one man band. I can walk in my corduroys and play the kazoo!
AdamGoods> Ziddlelum Zum Zuuuuum ZEEP!
Fink-Ployd has quit IRC (QUIT: Stealing in the name of the lord.)
AdamGoods> No, don't leave! I was just kdding!! I get why your name is so funny!
AdamGoods> *kidding
AdamGoods> whew. that was close. didn't want you guys to think that I couldn't spell kidding
AdamGoods> *kdding
uni2> gHg t
KiKAzZ> AdamGoods.....
KiKAzZ> wtf is wrong with yo
KiKAzZ> you*
AdamGoods> Oh...phew.
AdamGoods> I thought you were asking me what's wrong with yo. I have no problem with the aforementioned Spanish pronoun/ebonic salutation.

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