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<Teksura> I got a great Anecdote for you.
<Teksura> Today I was at College, and I was with a good friend of mine. She has been there for me for the past year and has given me all the Doctor Who fandom I could ask for
<Teksura> Today I went to give her a ride home because I'm just that nice a guy
<Teksura> So, as we are on the way to my car, some random freshman stops us
<Teksura> Aparently, he knew me from high school, but I have no idea who the heck he is.
<Teksura> Well, he starts talking about stuff that I like to pretend never happened, stuff that you only bring up if you want to make someone embarrassed
<Teksura> So, suddenly, I get one of my trademark cunning plans
<Teksura> I pull $20 from my wallet and say "Look, I don't know who you are, but seeing as you only want to talk about things that you know I don't ever want spoken, I'll give you $20 if you go away."
<Teksura> He agrees and reaches for the $20
<Teksura> "Nono, you haven't gone away yet. You're still here. I will give you the $20 after you go away."
<Teksura> So he says "OK" walks off.
<Teksura> I pocket my $20 and take my friend to my car before he figures out what I just did.

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