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<starshipparsley> This is a beautiful equation.
<starshipparsley> e^pi( i ) + 1 = 0
<purple.toupee> omg that just blew my mind
<starshipparsley> I am reading the Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers right now, and it is nerdgasmic
<starshipparsley> Did you know that pi/2 is 1/root(root2 + root(root 2 +root(root 2 +....)
<purple.toupee> !!!!
<starshipparsley> This kinda stuff is so freaking awesome!
<purple.toupee> math = power
<purple.toupee> math is knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, therefore math corrupts
<starshipparsley> Math = the only kind of sexual pleasure I'll probably ever have

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