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ArmAndLeg03: I need to think of a better gay-bar name
ArmAndLeg03: I mean, "Dick's" works for now, but still
Mazuki Projidy: haha
Mazuki Projidy: well you could use...
Mazuki Projidy: Manhole
Mazuki Projidy: it's an actual gay bar (remember from The Most Disturbing Conversation Ever?)
ArmAndLeg03: I remember
ArmAndLeg03: But I like Dick's better than Manhole, unfortunately
ArmAndLeg03: Though Manhole was a gay dance club
Mazuki Projidy: oh whatever
ArmAndLeg03: I could use that for the gay dance club in my story lol
Mazuki Projidy: Dick's isn't a good name for a gay bar
Mazuki Projidy: I know what to call it
Mazuki Projidy: "The Mouthful"
ArmAndLeg03: ...Evan
ArmAndLeg03: I hate to say this
ArmAndLeg03: But you are a fucking genius

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