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<Y> I dl'ed the Tatu video
<Fuzen> No one is going to remember them in a month, I guarantee you.
<Y> that's because everyone who listens to them now except for myself did so because they saw them make out in the video first
<Fuzen> Correct.
<Fuzen> That's the entire reason that they're popular.
<Fuzen> They make out in their video.
<Fuzen> I would advise them to continue this trend, but increase in gratuity each video. At that rate, they'll be fucking donkeys by their next album.
<Y> next video, "All the things she said club remix"
<Y> they take their clothes off and snowball in the rain
<Y> they get hardcore gangbanged in the video after that
<Fuzen> Then it's on to bukkake.
<Y> it'll be snuff porn by track 10, and there goes their careers
<Fuzen> I look forward to that day.

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