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<slinky> i ordered a pizza
<slinky> the pizza guy came and brought the pizza, he said: "there was no address, but i figured it was for you"
<slinky> maybe i order too regularly or something
<thokky> slinky heh
<_mrT> slinky i ordered pizza on the weekend
<thokky> sounds a bit like mrT
<_mrT> and pizza service boss himself dleivered it
<_mrT> and started smalltalk..
<_mrT> "you havent ordered in quite some time.."
<_mrT> me: "i was on holidays"
<_mrT> "oh where did you go to?"
<_mrT> etc for 5mins
<_mrT> i was like WTF heh
<thokky> _mrT you are the one what makes their business profitable
<thokky> heh
<slinky> good customer relations :)
<_mrT> hehe
<slinky> it's probably a cover for mafia to wash money
<thokky> "hey i heard mrT moved into city, theres market for pizza delivery place"
<slinky> so now you're friends with the Family :)
<thokky> yeah
<thokky> and they start to call you Nicky Foureye
<slinky> i think i definitely should not eat so much pizza
<thokky> or Fat-Tony
<slinky> haha
<slinky> Squeaky-Vinnie
<thokky> hehe yea

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