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<Raekwon> Matrix 2: "Hey Neo, let's go for a walk" **CRAZY MATRIX MUSIC** camera angles all over the place, approx time to walk one block 25 minutes
<BlurryMystr> haha, well yeah. It's the Matrix.
<BlurryMystr> Nothing ever happens plainly in the Matrix.
<Tituba> tying shoes
<Raekwon> just like The Bible
<Tituba> breathing
<Teegus> "Neo! walk the dog" *Kung foo dog shitting action*
<BlurryMystr> Neo: "Boy, this burger looks good."  *agents leap up, try to steal the burger, Neo has to fight them off while eating fries*
<Teegus> neo dodges fries leaving onion ring trails
<Tituba> after he finishes killing them all he mutters "now that's done my way"

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