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<FLB> Are you in the mood for some gaming?
<Ouroboros> Uh huh.
<FLB> Cause I should be finished in a reasonable amount of time.
<FLB> So you have more or less two options.
<FLB> A) You leave me an IP address, and I join you later.
<FLB> B) You simply wait for my return, at which point game specifics are worked out, and we commence.
<Ouroboros> C) I find a game, don't tell you the IP, and we never hook up.
<FLB> D) I hunt you down and kill you.
<Ouroboros> E) Ow.
<FLB> F) Somehow we manage to accomplish all of the above.
<Ouroboros> G) Not likely, but ok.
<FLB> H) I know, but it was an idea.
<Ouroboros> I) pick B)
<FLB> J) I have to scroll up, please hold.
<Ouroboros> K)
<FLB> M)an this is getting old.
<Ouroboros> N)o kidding.

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