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<Paden> some of you people have the smallist ego in the world and you get your jollys off buy ban/kicking someone well thats sad you pick on me becouse i have bad grammer and can't spell good well you need to look you're fag ass in the mirror and look at a dumb fuck who has no life and will never have one and the only girlfrien you ever had was palmla handerson ans her 5 friends
<Alarach> guess that's not me.
<Minion> smallest
<Minion> jollies
<Minion> grammar
<Alarach> because
<Venkmen> because
<Venkmen> grammar
<Alarach> your
<Paden> fuck you
<Minion> haha
<Venkmen> your
<Paden> fuck you
<Alarach> girlfriend

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