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(djaby) ohh k me frm marz
(djaby) visit sum time...
(djaby) its a cooool place
(djaby) ur zip has sum ko0o0o00ol tackz...
(st0vbold) I thought so, since you can't spell shit's worth
(djaby) u there zip....
(djaby) this st0vbold iz borin2 talk wit..
(djaby) :)
(st0vbold) sure I am
(djaby) yeah but me like 2 speak eit borin ppl also...
(djaby) :)
(djaby) so u r in q plz wait...:)
(djaby) lol
(st0vbold) go back to dalnet
(djaby) cum into me chann sum time... me a op in it ... me vil bann u in a sec ??? :)
(djaby) hey how cum u no me frm dalnet....

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