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<X5> do what horny college idiot men do every night, hump park benches!
<smackfoo> last time i humped a park bench i was late into my teens
<smackfoo> it was a quiet, peaceful night in hyde park
<smackfoo> the bums had all been incinerated in an unfortunate event with the department of water and power
<smackfoo> i stepped up to a cute little wood number, couldn't have been older than 17
<smackfoo> i rubbed her thighs...er...handles, and she cooed in the moonlight
<smackfoo> fearing splinters, i gently waxed her humps, making sure to remove any hint of sharpness
<smackfoo> slowly, gently, i removed my pants...
<smackfoo> um
<smackfoo> you guys know the rest
<Cithorn> Keep going
<Cithorn> I'm not done yet

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