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<dreawn> I found out earlier today from an ex-AF friend of mine that a gallon
          of prize winning bull semen sells for 10 L
<dreawn> err 10 K
<dreawn> so I've taken up a new occupation and double life as a semen rustler.
<Marmalade420> so i need is polar bear semen
<Marmalade420> and i can get money
<Marmalade420> all
<dreawn> well, prize-winning bull semen.
<dreawn> you could join my gang of ruthless thugs who steal semen from large
          creatures and try to sell it
<Marmalade420> sure
<dreawn> nothing like fleeing the farm of a north dakota farmer with a gang of
          lawmen chasing you in pickup trucks worrying about spilling some
          bull gravy out of a tin pail
<dreawn> nope, nothing at all.

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