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<SnowSpectre> good lord... I search for "dos 5" on winmx and this turns up
<Bullet> ?
<SnowSpectre> 5 young student girls fucked by 2 gym teachers (Lolita Teen Preteen Porn Rape Sex Nude) QWER(1).mpg
<Bullet> Lovely. lol
<SnowSpectre> and two more ~1GB porn movies
<Bullet> damn.
<SnowSpectre> and they're all chicks. come on, if you're going to return porn when I search for old versions of dos, at least tailor it to my needs
<Tobisaurus> umm...
<SnowSpectre> something like "hunky british sys admin flames stupid newbies"
<Bullet> lol
* Tobisaurus smirks

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