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(&Jet) That reminds me of another funny story
(&Jet) Our senior prank last year:
(&Jet) (the seniors have now graduated)
(&Jet) their first attempt
(&Jet) they put birdseed ALL over the ground
(&Jet) like everywhere
(&Jet) too bad for them it was windy
(@Valkarious) LOL, think of all the birdshit
(@Valkarious) awww
(&Jet) and we have gardeners at our school
(&Jet) no wait listen
(@Valkarious) man, foiled
(@Valkarious) kk
(&Jet) the gardeners blew the birdseed
(@Valkarious) LOL
(@Valkarious) YES
(@Valkarious) YESSS
(&Jet) Yeah baby
(@Valkarious) oh man
(@Valkarious) that's classic
(&Jet) so much bird shit on everyone's cars
(&Jet) it was fantastical
(Leprae) LOL

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