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JunInohara: ew you guys ARE still here
JunInohara: bummer
JunInohara: <3
RockMecha: there's an easy fix to that
Whorange2: we don't love you either.
RockMecha: you see that great big button with an X on it?
RockMecha: if you click on that, we magically go away
Whorange2: whee
JunInohara: :P
RockMecha: and we go on to lead happy, cow-free lives
Whorange2: I love you more than ice cream for that Serge.
RockMecha: XD
Whorange2: and I love ice cream like those fat people who have to ride on flatbed trucks love ice cream. that's alot.
Whorange2: right Jamie?
JunInohara: uhm
JunInohara: yes?

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