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<Kuroko> Hey...I need to ask you guys something.
<Kuroko> Sleep or Trigun?
<CrackPr0n-E> masturbation -=X
<CrackPr0n-E> c. masturbation </= that's where it's at
<Kuroko> i'm not male.
<CrackPr0n-E> girls can masturbate too
<SPOONwork> Kuroko: what, women don't masturbate? lies
<CrackPr0n-E> spoon:she's 12
<SPOONwork> CrackPr0n-EET-NoPants: it's not stopping you. :P
<CrackPr0n-E> what does stop me?
<Kuroko> my mum also has a lovely habit of checking on everyone late at night.
* Yukanojo thinks this conversation falls under the category of "Reasons Parents Keep Kids Off the Internet"
<CrackPr0n-E> Kuroko:that's what locks are for
<Kuroko> trigun i can explain. irc i can explain. but...yeah...
<Kuroko> Crack: she has the keys.
<CrackPr0n-E> or "I had an itch... that's all"
<Yukanojo> hahahaha
<CrackPr0n-E> psssh, while she's unlocking the door, pull your panties up
* Smugami wonders what he's stumbled into ... o.O
<CrackPr0n-E> and just sit in a blanket
<Kuroko> ...
* Kuroko will spend the entire night trying to erase this conversation from her memory
<Kuroko> Thanks for helping me decide.

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