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<Jarp> No porn break. i actually have no more porn on this computer
<Jarp> just the other day, i moved all 8,000ish pictures to the other computer and organized 'em
<Sisgmund> lordy!
<Sisgmund> how much space does that take up?
<Jarp> about 600mb
<Sisgmund> crimminy
<Jarp> i forget exactly how many
<shavenwookiee> wow
<Jarp> Hrm. I don't have a very broad colllection. that 8,000 is of maybe 20 girls.
<Jarp> don't have any particular favorite.
<shavenwookiee> 20 girls.. 400 poses each??
<Jarp> hrm
<Jarp> more of some
<Jarp> less of others
<shavenwookiee> so THAT's how you get your porn movies on dialup.
<screevo> ???
<shavenwookiee> you print up a set of one girl, staple them together, and flip the pages :D
<Jarp> it's like a movie, one frame at a time!

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