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<Rigel> KingKashue ur pc is not as 1337 as my i have a 122 gighz pinteum 4 pc w/ 5 617 gigbyte hds and a cd-wr-rwr-drwxr-xr-x 3-way burning/dvd/vcd/mp3 playing drive and a 37 gigehurz L7 cacheeeee a 58 inch flat moniter w/ 2134x5654 resolushun and teh best part is my 400 gbps cabul capped to 1 kbps connecsion wich routes thru severel dedicatud OC-255 powered masheens wich are on T460 redirectors
<KingKashue> riiiiight...But can your's do this?
*** Rigel was kicked by KingKashue (to prove I can)
*** Joins: Rigel
<Rigel> Nope.

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