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[devilsad] OO is like the missionary position, all day long
[@sobri] heh
[@sobri] i think of it more like group sex
[devilsad] no wonder you like it then
[@sobri] class ReachAround extends AnalSex
[_Spunky_] its like an orgy with everyone you know - you know exactly how to treat each class
[_Spunky_] whereas imperative code, you have to be formally introduced to each new partenr
[@sobri] and remember every conversation you've had with them, just incase you put your food in your mouth with something you say later
[devilsad] it's too clean and clinical for me
[devilsad] rubber gloves on before the insertion, so to speak
[@sobri] heh
[_Spunky_] haha
[devilsad] no casual toying with other people's private functions
[@sobri] i don't know OOP in any languages other than php, but can always statically call methods
[@sobri] $jizzim = ForePlay::handJob;
[_Spunky_] public sub spunkOnTheCarpet()
[@sobri] $orgy = new Orgy; $orgy->addFemale('linda'); $orgy->addFemale('tina'); $orgy->addMidget('gary'); $orgy->addSelf();
[devilsad] lol

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