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<quadropheniac57> so we're talking about aboriginal symbols in school today
<quadropheniac57> and i tell my group that i read it was bad luck to kill an emu, except i say emo on accident
<quadropheniac57> so i laugh and say "actually, it's pretty good luck to kill an emo"
<quadropheniac57> this girl, overweight, dyed black hair, eyeshadow, not goth but close
<quadropheniac57> says "no, emo is sad. emo is short for emotional"
<quadropheniac57> so i respond "no, emo is short for stupid"
<quadropheniac57> she says "no, it's for emotional. emo people are emotional beings who live that way to relieve their pain"
<quadropheniac57> i say "emo people are self-absorbed attention-seeking idiots who listen to crappy music"
<quadropheniac57> rest of class, she gives me the most dark and depressed death glare
<quadropheniac57> THE WHOLE REST OF CLASS, that's like 45 minutes, she's just death-looking me, not even turning her head
<quadropheniac57> i swear, she's gonna kill herself this weekend, and it's all my fault
<civilpunkbikes> good luck coming your way
<quadropheniac57> amen

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