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<SonicBlues> man, don't shove vibrators up your ass if your a guy man. I was trying to milk my prostate y'know, damnit, I guess the vibrator was too much for me.
<SonicBlues> get this, i slide the dildo up my but, smothered with ky jelly yeah? I flip it on, and I start stroking.
<DrQ> this cant end up well....
<SonicBlues> now, i'm in front of a TV, about 3.5 meters away from me, compensate about .25 meters for the diagonal. But man, i start strokng, and maybe 8 minutes later, i get this surging pain from my nuts and i shoot the silver bullet all the way to the tv man. christ.
<DrQ> conrgatulations
<Thrifty> Hahahahah holy shit man
<SonicBlues> yeah, the problem is, I came onto irc to tell you all, my girlfriend stepped in...

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