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<gleep> Heh.  You people don't want to hear how one of my ex-bosses performed a mercy killing on a family's cat at their request.
<Sypher-Ryn> Yes we do
<gleep> I actually think it's quite funny.
<Sypher-Ryn> come on!! Mercy killings!
<me^2> tell us
<DrCloud> o.O;
<ashie> O.O
<gleep> He was visiting a cousin's family, they lived out on in the country.  While he was there, they told them about their cat that was really old, and had gotten quite sick.  The vet had told them they should have it put to sleep.  But they just couldn't do it... they started to drive it the 20 miles to the vet a couple times but never got very far.
<gleep> So when he was talking to their dad, he said he could take care of it.  He had his pistol in his truck.  So that evening he finds the cat and takes it out back of the house.
<gleep> (Don't read this, sensative viewers! ) So he's out there with his 357, looking down at the cat, who really /was/ in horrible shape.  So he's about to shoot the cat when...  Something came over him.  He stuck his foot under the cat and kicked it into the air... and shot it midair.  The 357 blew the poor critter to bits.  Then he turns around and sees...  The ENTIRE FAMILY staring at him through the picture window.
<ashie> best story ever

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