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Joe Fox : you know in multiplayer FPS', how in multiplayer their names go above their heads
Nanaki_ZPilot_assassin : yeah
Joe Fox : they need that in real life
Nanaki_ZPilot_assassin : LOL
Joe Fox : and you know how you can veiw peoples pings
Joe Fox : well, life needs that too, but for IQ not ping
Darth_Bowser : shit
Darth_Bowser : most of the IQs would be very low
Joe Fox : and life needs respawning too
Darth_Bowser : =P
Joe Fox : damnit, life needs to be a FPS
Darth_Bowser : heh
Darth_Bowser : that would be amusing
Joe Fox : where i have like a "cable" brain and everyone else has "56k" brains
Darth_Bowser : *cough* =P
Joe Fox : and you have a 128k brain

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