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[12:42am] <Convinced> darkvibe
<Convinced> what we talked about, i will work on it tomorrow, ok?
<darkvibe> whenever
<darkvibe> no hurry
<darkvibe> and much appreciated
<`rush> oh, way to spark the interest of the ENTIRE FREAKING ROOM.
<[vV]Criminal_Intent> hey `rush, that thing I said about that stuff, I am going to do it the day we planned exactly the way we discussed.
<`rush> [vV]Criminal_Intent: ok, but don't forget to bring that thing that we talked about. make sure it's heated to the temp we decided on. and the panties are the color you mentioned. do you remember the place we converesed about meeting?
<[vV]Criminal_Intent> i remember clearly, I got the panties but dont forget the accesories we discussed or the issues with law enforcment and animal rights
<`rush> ah ah.. right. i'll have to speak with the man who i told you about to clear up the issues we came up with. also, the club drugs i told you about will be X ammount of hours late, where X is equal to the number that we predetermined prior to this conversation.
<`rush> this is getting rediculous.

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