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<EazyCheez> I know this girl who is really hot and sweet, a Big Beautiful Woman... she makes my Captain stand at attention
<sqweak> hollywood lied
<sqweak> big is not beautiful
<EazyCheez> she's 5'2 and 305 or something, but I don't care... woo hoo she's wild!
<TreeSquid> EazyCheez: HOLY FUCK
<sqweak> DEAR GOD MAN
<sqweak> that's a fucking keg on legs!
<TreeSquid> that is disgusting, and you are a crazy piece of shit
<antivert> hungry hungry hippos!
<TreeSquid> don't ever talk to me again
<TreeSquid> that's just plain nasty
<sqweak> how the fuck do you squeeze 300 lbs into 5'2
<sqweak> thats like, 5 lbs an INCH!

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