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(Twisted) you can get 7,200Rpm and decent graphics on Laptops
(@randomPaul) yes with free crotch burn and the associated infertility
(Twisted) Too true
(@randomPaul) I don't see the damn point
! Twisted is glad his laptop is a) Broken b) Sucks
(@randomPaul) if I need to remember something on the move, or do some work on a train.... I use a pen and paper :P
(moredread) hey is that true? I know ppl that would pay good money for crotch burn
(@randomPaul) no infertility there ;)
(@randomPaul) "too skint for condoms? just buy a laptop - with an intel P4 prescott processor!"
(@randomPaul) "the intel P4 prescott, with centrino technology - so you can talk crap on alt.comp.laptop.infertility!"
(@RinSewand) hmm
(Twisted) Newsgroups for teh win!
(moredread) new definition for roast nuts

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