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<Speed3D> FUCKING HELL...its bad enough that Im struggling at drawing, but now there's some neighbours partaking in some fucking aweful karaoke!
<wsmp|phrack> D:
<wsmp|phrack> want me to take them out?
<Speed3D> how?
<wsmp|phrack> well
<wsmp|phrack> Ill turn up
<wsmp|phrack> and take them to dinner
<wsmp|phrack> on my bmx
<wsmp|phrack> take them out to some russian restuarant
<Speed3D> not quite what I had in mind
<Speed3D> I was thinking more along the lines of Death from 1001 papercuts
<wsmp|phrack> hmmm
<Speed3D> with the use of iodine
<wsmp|phrack> I think I could arrange a beating to death witha teaspoon
<wsmp|phrack> but paper cuts are hard :(

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