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<fred32> wtf is the deal with bash.org?  they don't approve any of the quotes i post.
<h0tm4m4> you're not doing it right. 
<fred32>  eh?
<h0tm4m4> basically if you post quotes that use the word fag at least once, talk about anal sex between men, make references to nazis, refer to women in the context of rape, allude to child porn, or any form of adolescent sexuality or violent graphic behavior, essentially just limit the quote to anything that a 14 year old boy would say to his 14 year old friends, then it'll get approved. they don't even have to be funny or clever.  hope that helps.
<fred32> sure does, thanks. you FAG.
<h0tm4m4> fred32: just get your dick out of my ass so i can go back to looking at nazi child pr0n and that will be thanks enough mang.

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