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<JoeSmurf> I got drunk, got into a fight, walked like 5 miles in the rain to my gf's parents house and got into bed with her mother
<Joesmurf> by mistake
<Nortica> You fuck her?
<Joesmurf> I had no clothes on and started talking real dirty before my actual gf came in...
<Nortica> hahah
<Joesmurf> Yeah that morning coffee was like none other ... all three of us cramped around that little table, all thinking about what had happened, and no one saying anything except like "lovely morning out" and "think it's sposed to rain later"
<Nortica> funny shit
<Joesmurf> I think her mum was semi into it ... mite break up with my gf and go after her dirty hoe mum
<Joesmurf> plus I wouldn't have to move

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