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-!- Spudnewt [MacroKILLA@S01060004e2286ac3.wp.shawcable.net] has
joined #nanog
<Spudnewt> These goddamn trolls interrupting my flow. These niggas
           don't respek us with a +o.  They gotta color spam and fake
           invite, bombing with asciis in yellow on white.   Shit
           yeah. it's bright, you 12 year old kiddie.  You ain't got
           pubes and you ain't seen titty.  I'll jupe your chans and
           ban your ass.  Don't message me with plz unban, your chance
           has passed!  Other opers crappin up our relay net.
<Spudnewt> Why haven't you delinked your 386 yet? ircd needs xeons and
           dual cpus.  When it comes to irc hardware, you can't be a
           jew.  Shit, nobody knows the trouble I've seen.  On invites
           for websites with naked teens.   Begs for ops and packet
           attacks.  Shit from users who use vi, not emacs.  Another
           long day of patrolling the IRC.  Eating my doritos, and
           having a jerk, I chat with TheWalrus and #nanog faggots.
<Spudnewt> All this niggas do is complain "the lag it's--  bad, chat
           is slow, and we're getting harassed."  Shit, trolls, this
           k-line is your last.  Once more and it's "G" and you're
           gone for good.   Banned from the internet chatting
           neighbourhood.  It's lonely at the top. Just me and
           CHANFIX.  Day in and day out. Banning trolls with my linux.
           We give safe harbor to chatters world wide.
<Spudnewt> From pedophiles to hacker thieves.  Yeah, I won't lie:  IRC
           is a cesspool of e-misfits.  EazyCheezes and bagel-cutters
           like that nigga BitS.  But at least we're the best.
           Disagree and you're gone.  BRB, mom just told me gotta mow
           the lawn.
-!- Spudnewt [MacroKILLA@S01060004e2286ac3.wp.shawcable.net] has left
#nanog []
-!- mode/#nanog [+b spudnewt!*@*] by nar
<Darkcyde> someone give that guy a record deal

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