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[masterchris] oh wow. I love the way Norton backs you up against a wall and tells you that you have to reboot to complete the installation of these updates..
[masterchris] ..no 'reboot later' button
[masterchris] just 'okay'
[DRUFER] pfft
[masterchris] i wonder, if I hit the x, will it close it - or reboot it.
[Pickle_Weasel] just keep it in the background until you're ready
[DRUFER] get your virus updates
[DRUFER] be happy
*@masterchris is going to try the x.
[Pickle_Weasel] ping timeout
[Pickle_Weasel] $5 on ping timeout
[DRUFER] lmao
[masterchris] Norton wouldn't be that prickey and make the x button the same as 'ok' i would hope.
* masterchris [GAT-X207@=SHVbyv-508.chebucto.ns.Ca] has left IRC
* @masterchris (GAT-X207@=SHVbyv-508.chebucto.ns.Ca) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[Kraid] ahaha

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