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*** sCHrAnZeR has joined #jungle
<sCHrAnZeR> ok is that Polish room ?
<EllesDee> you mean this room?
<EllesDee> yeah
<EllesDee> we're all polish
<EllesDee> but disguised cause no one likes us
<sCHrAnZeR> czemu nikt nie lubi Was ?
<sCHrAnZeR> :)
<EllesDee> speak english, people should think we're ordinary
<EllesDee> otherwise the undercover will blow up and we'll all get k-lined
<sCHrAnZeR> oh I didn't know
<EllesDee> hmm..
<EllesDee> gee
<sCHrAnZeR> I'm not good in mIRC
*** sCHrAnZeR has quit IRC

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