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Join: Mr_Shroom (~Mr_Shroom@dt032n74.san.rr.com!)
<Mr_Shroom> Good gracious.
<Mr_Shroom> My ass is bodacious.
<Mr_Shroom> I had no idea!
<Mr_Shroom> Why was I not informed of my spanktacular backside?
<Mr_Shroom> Eh?
<Mr_Shroom> ...
<Mr_Shroom> Don't make me lay waste to your cities!
<Mr_Shroom> Fiiine.
<Mr_Shroom> You big babies.
Part: Mr_Shroom (~Mr_Shroom@dt032n74.san.rr.com)
<Coan_Arcanius> he's right, he did look good leaving

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