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(http://www.yodelbank.com is the worlds first cyberbank u can access using IRC bot commands)
*** Now talking in #yodel
<r0bb0r> right this is
<r0bb0r> a stick up
<yodel> hi r0bb0r
<r0bb0r> gimme all ur money
<r0bb0r> and no one gets hurt
* r0bb0r waves gun at all
<r0bb0r> come on then i am not joking
<yodel> here take it!
<yodel> DRAN_100.00_20031119_ShcjkX/CTzeExE0icgZColDatsQ_F+CldGJPOQO4VKMxSnPdH6SaER w
<r0bb0r> thank u
<r0bb0r> is this your first robbery?
<yodel> yes
<r0bb0r> excellent i can claim the first IRC robbery in history
* r0bb0r runs off

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