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<D-BOY> how is it people can possibly find japanese people smart
<D-BOY> look at their food
<D-BOY> they can't figure out how to cook it
<D-BOY> look what they do with rice
<D-BOY> <Japanese Dude> Maybe if I roll it into a ball it will taste better!
<D-BOY> <Chinese or Mexican Guy> I'll lightly pan fry the rice and season it to perfection while adding in choice meats and vegetables to create a dish in itself
<D-BOY> <Japanese Guy> I can't figure out how to start a fire. I'll just eat my fish raw.
<D-BOY> <Chinese Guy> I'll marinate the fish in a 2:1 ratio of egg to cornstarch and fry it to add a thick breadding. Then coat it in a sauze of ginger, hot bean sazuce, and add vegetables
<MM> Maybe it's just age-old tradition...?
<D-BOY> More like age-old idiocy
<D-BOY> Idiocy is inherited from generation to generation
<D-BOY> Look at Israel and Palestine

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