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<Moik> Jesus would drive a Jesus Bus from GTA.
<KatR> As God, I can say that Jesus would drive a BattleMech. 
<Moik> Jesus would drive K@R's mom like a Shriner's Mini-Car. 
<KatR> Moik, I have no mother. +Creator of all [including me] 
<Moik> Sorry, that was a typo. It should say: "Jesus would drive K@R like a japanese schoolgirl on rollerskate heading to bukakke class."
<Moik> The keys are like, right next to each other. 
<KatR> Of course they are. You're still wrong. K@R > Jesus. 
<Moik> Doesn't mean you wouldn't like it. 
<KatR> Moik: Methinks you're projecting again. 
<Moik> In essence, yes, that's what a man must do when participating in bukakke. 
<Dark Shadow> that's one of the best 'come'backs I've ever seen.

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