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(Torben): a friend of mine drank a glass of vomit for another small frat, although he could have said no to that
(Torben): he got 90 euros for it but i would still never do that
(Alomar): didnt he drink a glass of piss, threw that up and someone else drank that piss-vomit?
(Torben): err another friend drank the piss first
(bananana): what the fuck is wrong with people?
(Biggdogg): yea, id tell them to shove that up their frathappy asses, heh
(Torben): i'm now confusing things, the piss-drinker got the 90 euros, the other one got nothing
([TE]Plantman): lol
(Torben): but still
(Biggdogg): piss drinker. something to be proud of, heh
(Torben): :p
([TE]Plantman): which is worse? Doing something like that for free, or doing it for money? In one you're sort of a prostitute...in the other you're just stupid :p
(bananana): you can fuck a thousand men and noone will say a thing.. but drink piss once and you're branded as a piss-drinker for life

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