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<ErinJane78> I wouldn't ever piss in a men's room... have you SEEN them?
<Blaxthos> yea... I usually try to contribute to the vileness
<Blaxthos> i remember in middle school, at the gym
<Blaxthos> i got in the habit of going into the men's room and pissing on the toilet paper
<Blaxthos> after a few rounds the P.E. coaches put the men's room on 24 hr lockdown
<Blaxthos> so i took to pissing in P.E. lockers during classes
<Blaxthos> they tried like hell to catch me, but i was too slick
<Blaxthos> so they finally got tired of it and re-opened the men's room
<Blaxthos> so i could return to pissin on the paper towels/asswipe

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