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*** Joins: Vicious (WayfaringG@ffchat-36391f10.dial-access.att.net)
<Vicious> -_- alright, what smart ass banned me?
<Chubbzilla> uh gk
<Chubbzilla> did you try to get on using java?
<Vicious> well first my MIRC wouldn't work
<Vicious> then I tried that
<Chubbzilla> ah well
<Chubbzilla> i banned java att.net a few days ago
<Vicious> oohhhh
<Vicious> ok
<Vicious> that's cool then~
* Chubbzilla wasn't banning der gk, just java lamers
* Vicious huggle
* Chubbzilla huggle + luffluff
<Prometheus> .msg chubbzilla heh, she totally doesn't realize that no one likes her
<Prometheus> er
<Prometheus> whoops

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