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< RichiH> so, there was this big "companies tell you how great they are" day, today. to make sure people went from stand to stand, you had to pick up small stickers, put them on a A4 sheet and if you collected all of them, filled out your name, et al, you had a chance to win a kickass laptop
< RichiH> when it was time for the drawing, the roon was packed. i would guess about 1000 people, a bit more, perhaps..
< RichiH> they draw the winner and someone i personally can not stand wins the laptop
< RichiH> he walks down to the laptop and is happy as a clam. he needs to show his student id so they know he really does study here
* RichiH hears needle drop, everyone is listening to me. badger badger badger
< asg> yes
< asg> :)
< Phated> Go on.
< RichiH> so anyway, that guy mentions the id is from last semester. the other guy says that should not be too much of a problem and asks the room about it. not really serious, just a side pun
< RichiH> about 1000 voices shout "NO!" at the same time
< RichiH> guy is sent back, another one is drawn, show over
< RichiH> we were laughing so hard.. :)

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