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Myung LeshBurton: in drivers ed yesterday, the teacher said something about how he used to always look up to superman
Myung LeshBurton: and how he wished everybody was indestructable like he was
Myung LeshBurton: so i just had to yell out "But it didnt take kryptonite to kill Superman, just a horse!"
Myung LeshBurton: the entire class fell silent, 3 people holding back laughter and everybody else horrified at what i said
RACaira326: hahahahahahahahahaha
RACaira326: you are a TERRIBLE person
RACaira326: you should be proud
Myung LeshBurton: wait, i made it worse
RACaira326: I cant believe you can make that worse
Myung LeshBurton: i said "Unless somebody hid kryptonite in the horses ass"

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