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McViC0 0 97: is your mom there?
DarkEternal37: hey hey
DarkEternal37: lets try to have ONE conversation without a your mom joke
DarkEternal37: k?
McViC0 0 97: i'll try
DarkEternal37: me too
McViC0 0 97: but i promise ntohing
DarkEternal37: im listening to adam's song
McViC0 0 97: im listenign to the sound of your mom moaning
McViC0 0 97: oh fuck
DarkEternal37: havent heard it in so long
McViC0 0 97: i messed up
McViC0 0 97: lol
McViC0 0 97: it slipped i swear
DarkEternal37: you lasted fucking 23 SECONDS
DarkEternal37: i hope you last longer in bed
DarkEternal37: for my moms sake

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