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BillyLove:  Half awake, some of my large mammal friends and I are sitting around playing Scatergories at around 1 AM.
BillyLove:  Then out of noware we get the subject "Things you've never tasted" and the letter C... BillyLove:  We thaught that was bad till be got the letter N and the fallowing subjects: "Things that are black," "Things you save up to buy," "Tools," and "Things your afraid of."
BillLove:  Right before we got the letter H and "People who work at night", we got W and "Female athletes", then someone yells out "WHO CARES?" That's the last time we play that late.
Bufford:  I think our game of Apples to Apples was worse. The word was "spicy" and someone played the card that said "JFK Assassination."

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