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<[ric]> puddy.. but I need to live on the internet... without p0rn I would forget what a naked woman looks like!
<[ric]> I know there are those magazine things, but hey I keep clicking [next] and the pages don't turn!
<winmutt> ric thats scares me
* winmutt looks ric up on the sexual offender listings
<[ric]> what scares me more is that it will end up in geekQuotes... (again.. sigh!)
<[ric]> what I would like to know is how come all my inspirational leaps of genius, stunning breakthroughs in code or precise observational musings don't end up in geekQuotes, just the ones that make me look like some drunken, banter merchant, goth obsessed nutter seem to make it!
* [ric] looks squarely in Jumper's direction, and taps his foot...

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