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<DeathscytheFish> I think the reason i'm not good with girls stems from the fact that the first time I ever called a girl was also the day that the girl's mom was killed in a car wreck and i'm trying to pick her up without knowing this and she proceeds to rip me a new one
<Kevyn> You didn't say "I'll let you call me mommy" to her, did you?
<Brandon64> Fish, you should have broke the ice with a "Yo mama is so fat..." joke
<Amber> Yo mama is so dead...
<Kevyn> "My mom died" "Haha yeah, that's the oldest one in the book"
<Brandon64> "Knock knock"  "Who's there"  "Your mom"  "Your mom who?"  ...silence...then 5 minutes later, "Get it?  She's dead! HAHAHAHA, let's go bowling!"

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