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*** Melchior (none@1df4f87e.a763dad.dragon.net.au) has joined #allniterz
*** Ass-Mastah sets mode: +a Melchior
<Orlyx> lol
<Melchior> what
<Orlyx> ur hostmsak
<Tripper> Melchior you, my friend, are gay
<Orlyx> what happened?
<Orlyx> *** Melchior (none@one.inch.killer.org) has joined #allniterz
<Orlyx> lol wtf
<Orlyx> whyd u get that as ur vhost
<Melchior> lol wtf!
<Orlyx> lol
<Melchior> i have no idea
<Orlyx> i bet if u quit and come back itll go away
<Melchior> i never saw it
*** Melchior (none@1df4f87e.a763dad.dragon.net.au) Quit (Quit: )
<Orlyx> lmfao
<Orlyx> god i love him

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